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What We Do

We provide schools with our incredible employee wellness program.

Our Wellness Program

Is designed for school employees. It will produce a healthier and more productive workforce while lowering stress, absenteeism, and health insurance costs.

Program In Action


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Good health IS good business

Details & Pricing

Each Employee Will Receive

  • Our structured 12-month wellness program focusing on nutrition, sleep, stress-management, mindset, healthy living, & exercise
  • A personalized workout program tailored to their goals, time available, & location (at-home or the gym)
  • A coach to give feedback, make adjustments, & help keep them accountable
  • Also, there will be fun prizes awarded throughout the program

Pricing (2 Options)

  1. Individual: Employees sign up on their own: $25/month
  2. District Wide (All Employees): We will work with your school's budget

My Story

Hi! My name is Nicco Zenere. I am the owner of Health Coaching HQ. I've always been amazed how nutrition & fitness can affect one's life. This passion led me to receive my degree in Kinesiology then become the Director of Fitness for The Biggest Loser. As I coached thousands of individuals & some celebrities I've noticed how their healthier lifestyles impacted the people around them for the better. As my mom and sister are teachers, their impact on their students is monumental. This influenced me to create a company that focused on this aspect. When teachers are healthy & happy the students, our future leaders, will thrive!