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What We Do

We provide schools with our incredible employee wellness program.

Our Wellness Program

Is designed for school employees. It will produce a healthier and more productive workforce while lowering stress, absenteeism, and health insurance costs.

Program In Action

Employees Will Receive

  • Our structured 12-month wellness program focusing on nutrition, sleep, stress-management, mindset, healthy living, & exercise
  • A personalized workout program tailored to their goals, time available, & location (at-home or the gym)
  • A coach to give feedback, make adjustments, & help keep them accountable
  • Also, there will be fun prizes awarded throughout the program


  1. Healthier & more productive employees
  2. Greater team-building mentality
  3. Lower health insurance costs
  4. Protection of your greatest assest - the employee
  5. Increased energy & vitality in the workplace


  • District Wide (All Employees): We will work with the school's budget